2017 Joint IEEE ISAF-IWATMD-PFM Conference​

IEEE ISAF-IWATMD-PFM Conference 2017

will be held in Atlanta, GA, USA on the Georgia Institute of Technology's campus from May 7 through 11, 2017.


Preliminary program of IEEE ISAF–IWATMD–PFM conference, Atlanta, May 7-11, 2017.

Program of IEEE ISAF-ECAPD-PFM conference, Darmstadt, August 21-25, 2016

Program of IEEE ISAF-ISIF-PFM conference, Singapore, May 24-27, 2015


Marin Alexe

Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics D-06120 Halle/Saale, Germany tel: +49-345-5582-705 fax: +49-345-5511-223 email: malexe [at] mpi-halle [dot] de

Xiaomei Lu

Department of Physics Nanjing University Nanjing, China tel: +86-25-8359-4730 email: xiaomeil [at] nju [dot] edu [dot] cn

Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb

G.W.Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering & School of Materials Science and Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA 30332-0405, USA tel: +1-404-385-0667 email: nazanin [dot] bassirigharb [at] me [dot] gatech [dot] edu

Valanoor Nagarajan

School of Materials Science and Engineering University of New South Wales Sydney NSW 2052 Australia tel: +61-2-9385-4263 fax: +61-2-9385-6565 email: nagarajan [at] unsw [dot] edu [dot] au

Dawn Bonnell

Materials Science and Engineering University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA tel: +1-215-898-6231 fax: +1-215-746-3204 email: bonnell [at] lrsm [dot] upenn [dot] edu

Patrycja Paruch

Department of Physics, University of Geneva 1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland tel : +41-22-379-3546 email: Patrycja [dot] Paruch [at] unige [dot] ch

Alexei Gruverman

Physics & Astronomy University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0299 tel: +1-402-472-4788 lab: +1-402-472-8358 email: agruvermaman2 [at] unl [dot] edu

Roger Proksch

Asylum Research, Oxford Instruments Santa Barbara, CA 93117 USA tel: +1-888-472-2795 email: roger [dot] proksch [at] oxinst [dot] com

Jiangyu Li

Engineering University of Washington Seattle, WA 98105-9470, USA tel: +1-206-543-6226 email: jjli [at] u [dot] washington [dot] edu

Nava Setter

Ceramics Laboratory STI IMX LC EPFL CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland tel: +41-21-69-32961 email: nava [dot] setter [at] epfl [dot] ch

Sergei Kalinin

Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences Oak Ridge National Laboratory M.S. 8610, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 tel: +1-865-241-0236 email: sergei2 [at] ornl [dot] gov

Stephen Streiffer

Physical Sciences & Engineering Argonne National Laboratory contact: c/o Steve McGregor at +1-630- 252-5580 email: streiffer [at] anl [dot] gov

Andrei Kholkin

Department of Physics & CICECO, University of Aveiro 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal tel: +351-234-247025 (ext. 24967) e-mail: kholkin [at] ua [dot] pt

Susan Trolier-McKinstry

Department of Materials Science and Engineering The Pennsylvania state University, University Park, PA, 16802 USA tel: +1-814-863-8348 email: STMcKinstry [at] psu [dot] edu